CNC stir to demand 'Kodava land'

CNC stir to demand 'Kodava land'

Codava National Council (CNC) President N U Nachappa speaking at the human chain protest staged by CNC urging to declare the Kodava Land in Cherambane on Tuesday.

Speaking at a human chain protest staged by CNC in Cherambane urging for the declaration of Kodava Land, CNC President N U Nachappa said, it is the responsibility of majority population to protect Kodavas who have minority population. The majority must respect the minorities by protecting their rights. The Indian Constitution too speaks the same, he said.

According to Article 370 and 371, the Kodava land must be given special protection on the similar lines of Kashmir and North East states. The Kodavas must be given reservation in the field of education and employment. The Kodavas must be declared as the tribal community. The Kodava language should be made as administrative language.

The government is making complete discrimination in terms of the Kodava language which should be stopped, he said.He criticised those who speak against Kodavas and are trying to ban the Kodavas from owning guns. “As per the Traditional Personal Act, the Kodavas are eligible to own the guns, but the tradition has been questioned by few external forces having the back up of naxals. If the Kodavas are barred from the right of owning guns, then it would give enough freedom to the dacoits and naxals in the region.

So we should not be hampered from the right of owning the guns,” he said.