Despite a GO, disabled are asked to buy tickets

Despite a GO, disabled are asked to buy tickets

But the drivers and conductors of these buses are unaware about the modified government order and still ask them to buy tickets.

A commuter, Hanumaiah along with Channaveer, a visually challenged person had alighted a Volvo bus recently.  But despite possessing a valid KSRTC bus pass, Channaveer had to buy a ticket.


"What is the use of a GO which is not being implemented?  Many a time, the disabled persons are harassed by the conductors or the drivers asking them to buy tickets," said Hanumaiah.

Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) had issued a modified government order dated May 18, 2009, which stated that persons holding special disability pass can travel in any BMTC buses and the facility has been extended even to Volvo buses.  

The conditions which applied were - loco-motor disability where the person is dependent on wheelchair for movement and visually challenged, where the person is totally blind.