Feeling the audience's pulse

Feeling the audience's pulse

Being Different

Feeling the audience's pulse

PROMISING: Abhinay Deo. DH Photo by Shivakumar B H

Well aware of the fact that this particular genre has not seen much success in Bollywood, the confident duo, who were in the City recently,  say that today’s audience enjoy that ‘edge of the seat’ feeling. Ritesh, who has produced many successful films like Dil Chahta Hai and ‘Rock On’, says that experience makes one wiser and more sensitive to what the audience wants. And through ‘Game’, he felt that it was the right time to bring in a whole new stylised film that can excite the young and the old.

Abhinay agrees and chips in that as exciting it is for a director to take up a genre like this, it does take a lot of guts to make a movie like ‘Game’.

When Abhinay, who was then an ad filmmaker, was approached to direct the movie, he was excited. “I was striving to bring back murder mysteries and with Ritesh and Farhan Akhtar as producers I couldn’t have asked for a better debut,” adds Abhinay, who has also been signed on to direct Aamir Khan production, ‘Delhi Belly’.

Inspired by Hitchcock style of filming, the story of the film initially started off as two separate movies.

“We had planned to release a sequel in a span of two weeks but then we decided that a compact single film would be much better. So we took the best of two scripts and came out with ‘Game’,” explains Ritesh.

If there is one thing both believe in, it is the aim to bring in different kinds of films to the industry.

“I have observed that many directors tend to get slotted in one particular genre. That’s why from the very beginning, I made sure that I am going to bring out different kind of stories to people,” says Abhinay while Ritesh adds, “In my experience one thing I have believed in is to take up subjects that people can identify with and that film will
automatically reach out to a large  audience. It is with that belief that I have come this far and will continue to do so as well.”