Being a good sport

Being a good sport


Being a good sport

Enthusiastic: Tharun

It’s that time of the year again when the prankster hiding inside each of us comes to play. April 1 has always been observed as All Fool’s Day worldwide and many people spend the day playing pranks and hoaxes on friends, family members, co-workers and more. This April Fool’s Day, Metrolife asked a cross-section of people in the City on the most memorable pranks they have played so far and also the ones that they have been a victim of.

Though the origin of the day is not known to most people, many take time out to think of a good prank and make sure they stick to it. Taken in good spirit, many youngsters say the day brings in good cheer within their circle. “Pranks are good fun but I don’t think I would ever play one on strangers. I generally team up with a couple of friends every year and play pranks on everyone just for fun,” says Reena, a student.

Annete, another student, explains how she had once got a call on her landline during study holidays and believed that it was from one of her teachers. She was then told by this person that the exams had been advanced and that everyone was supposed to come to college the next day to write them. “I was extremely worried as I hadn’t studied for that particular subject yet. Soon SMSes were passed around on how pranks were being played for April’s Fools Day. So I immediately called the college up and found out that I too had been a victim. Pranks can be a lot of fun as long as you aren’t the one getting fooled,” she adds.

Even celebrities are not spared on this day. Come April 1 and they know that there will be a prank waiting for them at every corner — be it from co-stars or television channels.
“I am always on the receiving end of pranks. That’s why every year, at the end of March, I am always on guard and make sure not to fall for them,” laughs actress

NeettooAsk her about the most memorable prank she has been a victim of and she speaks of the one that actor Vishal Hegde played on her.

“We were all doing a stage show in Bellary when Vishal changed his voice and pretended to be the organiser of the show. He called me to tell me that my performance had been the worst of the lot and that they would not pay me. I was nearly in tears and felt really bad since I had worked so hard for the show. Soon Vishal laughed and admitted his prank. I was so angry at him that I chased him around the hotel that whole day,” she adds.

Generally known as the silent one, Tharun wants to change things a bit and be the prankster this year.

“As a child, I used to play many small pranks like telling my parents that I flunked my exams. It’s fun to have a day dedicated to pranks. But one should ensure that the prank is done in good humour and does not end up hurting anyone,” says Tharun, who says that this year he is planning a very big prank.