BTech grad held for vehicle theft

BTech grad held for vehicle theft

Babu alias Sreenivas Babu, a graduate from Kakatiya University in Warangal, Andhra Pradesh, confessed to stealing more than 60 high-end Pulsar motorbikes in Bangalore South-East and South Division alone.

The Siddapura police caught up with Babu, who had given the cops the slip on many occasions, and were astonished by his rich lifestyle when they raided his rented house at Kudlu Gate, where they found a posh stolen four-wheeler parked in the portico.

They also recovered 50 Pulsars on the information provided by him.
Police officers investigating the case told Deccan Herald that Babu’s house was fully furnished and all the rooms were air-conditioned and had state-of-the art gadgets. He also had more than 200 pairs of branded clothes and expensive accessories.

Babu landed in Bangalore in search of a job around two years ago. Initially, he stole bikes “for fun” but he soon made it his profession, after he found an easy way to dispose them off. Police said Babu had four to five master keys with which he unlocked any bike in a jiffy and sped off with it.

He then left the stolen vehicle for servicing at a garage and made friends with the mechanics by giving them huge tips. Later, he approached them saying he was selling off the bike and going for a new one.

He thus managed to push many stolen bikes, while his knowledge on automobiles and glib-talking came in handy.

Once he sold a bike and collected the advance money, he would vamoose after promising to hand over the vehicle documents.

Then he would again hunt for a new bike and a new mechanic, police said.
Babu made between Rs 18,000 and Rs 26,000 on each stolen bike. He is the only son of his parents.

His father had died of cancer two years back and his mother, who lives at the posh Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad, is not aware of her son’s “profession”, police said.

The moment he was caught by the police, Babu threatened them saying: “Don’t give details about me to the press...if you go ahead and give my photos, I will commit suicide.”

Property covered

The Bangalore South Division police claimed to have arrested 82 persons and unearthed 154 cases of dacoity, robbery, burglary, theft, chain snatching and recovered property worth Rs 1.51 crore, in the past one month.

Man killed in accident

A 55-year-old pedestrian was run over by a concrete mixer lorry on Bellary Road near Kodigehalli on Wednesday night.

The victim has been identified as Gopi M S, a plumber by profession and a resident of Sahakarnagar.

A native of Tamil Nadu, he is survived by four daughters. The lorry driver is absconding.