A date with 'Corn Aunty', 'Bhel Bhaiya'

Favourite Hangouts

OVER A CUPPA: Students hanging out at Qwiky's, Koramangala. DH photo by Kishor Kumar Bolar

One of the best things about being from Jyoti Nivas College is the number of hangouts around. Anything you want is right here,” confesses Raseena Sherif. A look around Koramangala 5th Block proves her right. The place is buzzing with great places for young girls to bond and carve out a sense of sorority. Ask the girls from JNC where they like to spend their time and the names spill out in a great hurry, one chasing the other – Boca Grande, Mocha, Popsies, Maxim’s, Paramount, Udupi Sri Krishna Bhavan and so on and so forth. 

“We only have a half-hour lunch break, so we like to go to some place like Maxim’s. They are really quick. Otherwise we go to Juice Junction or Paramount, or Udupi Sri Krishna Bhavan. We go to Daily Bread if we don’t feel like having a full meal,” says Anu Priya.

For those on a budget, there are, of course, the very popular Corn Aunty and the Bhel Bhaiya. Those who are feeling extravagant can head to the Mocha, Cuppa, BocAnu Priya a and the likes. Those looking for ambience can head to Popsies. Momo Hut is cheaper but Popsies has great atmosphere. There’s bamboo everywhere and the paintings on the tables and the ceiling are very nice,’’ said Raseena. She also spilled the secret to the success of the place. Cute waiters!

Those involved in co-curricular and extracurricular activities seem to opt for the coffee shops in particular. “You don’t have to keep ordering. You can sit till five and discuss what you want to do,” explained Anu.

When they aren’t eating or getting a caffeine-fix, the girls apparently like to wander around Landmark and William Penn. “The stationary at William Penn is awesome. We like to walk around Landmark and maybe read a little,” said Raseena.

The girls are territorial about the clip aunty, who sits outside their campus. When in desperate need of some retail therapy but the wallet refuses to co-operate, she is the person they turn to.  

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