The power of imagination

The power of imagination

Imagination is a quality only humans possess. Imagine how boring our life would be without the power of imagining, dreaming and fantasising.

People are lost in the imaginary world because the real world is too hard to deal with.

But it is the best tool for creative people who use imagination to channelise their creative energy.

Osho looks upon everything as a positive gift, and therefore he suggests ways of using the power of imagination for awakening, for making the life more beautiful. It is also a wonderful tool for releasing tension. How?

If your whole capacity to imagine is focused in the present, in the moment, then you can begin to see your existence as poetry. This living in the present is beyond tension. The energy used in imagination can be diverted to creativity.

Imagination hides great creative energy within itself. Instead of using it for living in illusions, you can guide it towards more creative acts.

Osho gives the clue: "If you can be consciously present in the present, you will not be living in your imagination. Then the imagination will be free to create within the present itself.

The creation may take any form. If you are a poet, it becomes an explosion of poetry. The poetry will be an expression of the present. Or if you are a painter, the explosion will be of painting.

The painting will not be of something as you have imagined it, but as you have known it and lived it. You express the present moment or you can go into silence. "

Have a look at this flight of imagination: An old man is sitting in a railway compartment and a young man in front of him asks, "Can I know the time?"

The old man has a watch, but the old man pretends as if he has not heard it.

The young man asks again. This time the old man says, " I have heard that you want to know what the time is, but I was thinking whether to tell you the time or not ." "Why?" asks the young man.

The old guy says, "Once I tell you the time, I will ask you, “Where are you going?”

And you will say, “The next station,” and I will say, “I am also going there, so why don't you come and have a cup of coffee with us?”

“But I have a beautiful young girl, I will introduce her and then you will fall in love with each other. And I don't want my daughter to be married to a man who does not have even a wristwatch!"

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