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Mission Chandrayana


Though there is a setback in achieving the 100% target of reaching moon with hard work put forth by the ISRO scientists who worked on the prestigious Chandrayaan-1,India's first lunar mission, the reason which the scientists gave as the technical fault caused by solar radiation, the authorities who were associated with the mission are of the opinion that they have achieved 95% of the mission's objective.

Though there is failure in achieving the objective of the mission, the health of the spacecraft and its various instruments are in normal condition as per ISRO officials.

The scientists are hopeful of achieving the remaining part of chandrayaan-1 in the days to come after ascertaining the reason for failure to achieve the full target of the mission in one go, as the other instruments onboard the spacecraft  are in good working condition.

B S Raghavendra rao,

Sterling Terraces,

BSK 3rd.Stage,


War of Words

The dirty war of words in UP politics between BSP and the Congress has just exposed the new low to which our political class has stooped down over the years. Smt. Rita Joshi's comments on Mayavati is an affront to womenhood and beyond imagination of any sane person. Rape of a women should stir the conscience of a civilized world, but sadly in India it has become a subject for settling political scores. It is not the question of Mayavati's dalit identity, but a question of honour of women in general and the congress, with a woman president, should have the courage to sack Mrs. Joshi. The politics of vendetta is not new to India and Mayavati is niether the first not the last, but Mrs.Joshi's comments are unbearable and condemnable.

Divakar N


Karnataka Cricket League

The Karnataka State Cricket Association has made the right move to organize the Karnataka Cricket League in line with IPL; this initiative will definitely create an opportunity for budding cricketers in our state to make a mark. The format looks encouraging as district level players hailing from backward areas will have a chance to harness their skills with other top players in the league. Our youngsters these days are fortunate as platforms like the KCL will help them gain exposure, where as during our times there were only school level tournaments. The KSCA in those days was only conducting a Division level league tournament which just helped senior players to find a job in public sector undertakings, and many young aspirants wanting to make it big had just given up.

K Amul Chander




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