Prosecution dubs Kasab a 'joker'

Mumbai, DH News Service:

Kasab had earlier admitted his guilt before a magistrate but later denied his role in the terror attacks. Now, while confessing about his participation in the terror strikes, Kasab has deviated from his earlier confession.

"He is like a joker in a circus and should not be taken seriously," Nikam, who has handled several high profile cases including that of the 1993 Mumbai blasts, said.

Kasab has not disclosed that he killed police constable Tukaram Omble although he had admitted to that act before magistrate. On the other hand, he confessed that Abu Ismael had led the terror attacks in CST and Cama Hospital killing many people, thereby shifting the blame on him, Nikam said.

Kasab has said that the trial should be wound up and he should be punished. "This clearly indicates that he wants lesser punishment but the prosecution will not allow that to happen," Nikam said.

"Unfortunately, some politicians, while reacting to Kasab's confession, have been swayed by admission of his guilt but they must be careful to see through his designs," the prosecutor said.

All the elements that Kasab omitted in his confession would have to be proved by the prosecution. "Kasab would be confronted with these contradictions and if he does not admit then prosecution would lead evidence to prove them in the court," Nikam added.

The 26/11 trial is not only against Kasab but also against two Indian LeT operatives, Faheem Ansari and Sabauddin Ahmed, who reconnoitred Mumbai before providing the LeT with maps of the targets, the prosecutor charged.

The trial is also against the 27 absconding accused believed to be in Pakistan.

They had allegedly planned and executed the November 26 attacks. Hence Kasab's confession at this stage would not bring an end to the trial, Nikam asserted. Meanwhile, both Nikam and Kasab's government-appointed defence lawyer Abbas Kazmi feel the court has three options before it to deal with the terrorist’s sudden confession.

"The first is for the court to accept Kasab's plea and convict him. The second is to not accept the confession and the third is to accept the confession, but direct the trial to go on," Nikam said.

Third option

"If the court goes with the third option, then prosecution will have to provide evidence to back Kasab's confession," Kazmi said. He also said prosecution should investigate the role of an Indian named Abu Jindal in the terror conspiracy as revealed by Kasab in his confession.

Nikam, however, said Kasab is a "great actor" and is naming new persons each time. "He is well trained and well prepared. The police will minutely evaluate every detail of his statement," the prosecutor added.

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