Kasab dilutes role in Nov 26 attacks, shifts blame on others

Kasab dilutes role in Nov 26 attacks, shifts blame on others

Mohammed Ajmal Kasab: File photo In the confession, a copy of which is available with PTI, Kasab asserted that it was his partner Abu Ismail who shot at the police officers in the jeep near Cama hospital.

"Outside Cama hospital, we saw a police jeep coming towards us. There was firing from the jeep and Abu Ismail also fired at the vehicle. I sustained injury on my right forearm, right elbow and left wrist and I had fallen down along with my gun," Kasab said.

He further said that Ismail proceeded towards the vehicle while firing continuously.

"By that time even I got up and went towards the vehicle with my gun under my right arm. We opened the jeep doors and found police officers. They appeared to be dead," the confession read.

Ismail started driving the jeep, when Kasab told him that he was hurt and thus not in the position to move further.

"Ismail told me not to lose confidence and that even he is hurt," Kasab said.

Referring to Girgaum Chowpatty incident, Kasab said he had asked Ismail to slow down the car they were travelling in and tell the police that they were college students.

"Abu tried to take a U-turn and got confused. Police came to our vehicle. One policeman grabbed me by my collar and pulled me out of the car," Kasab said.

He further said that the policemen started assaulting him with sticks and when he regained consciousness he was in a hospital.

Kasab, in his confession, has also tried to conceal his role in the murder of Amarsingh Solanki, navigator of M V Kuber through which the alleged terrorists reached the shores of Mumbai on November 26 last year.

Earlier, a panch witness had told the court that Kasab had revealed to him how he and others had killed Solanki.

Describing his journey from Karachi in Pakistan to Mumbai, first in 'Al-Hussaini'boat and then in fishing trawler, Kuber, Kasab said it was not him but the other terrorists who had murdered Solanki, navigator of Kuber.

"After four days on Kuber, on November 26 afternoon, Ismail took Solanki to the cabin and also directed Abu Soheb and Abu Akasha to come inside," Kasab said.

He further said that Soheb went inside the cabin with a knife and when he came out the knife was stained with blood, which was then thrown into the sea.

"I was assigned the duty of keeping a watch the whole time," Kasab said. Even about police encounter at Girgaum Chowpatty, Kasab has not talked about fatally injuring police constable Tukaram Omble, although the prosecution's case is that the gunman had killed the policeman. 

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