Seeking knowlegde from mainland

Seeking knowlegde from mainland

 A marvelous wonder, the very name itself conjures up the idea of extravagance panoramic slice of paradise. Mauritius with its sparkling gold sandy beaches embarking emerald blue sea has withstood the reminiscence of heritage besides cultural diversity. Mauritius is the most developed isle among the Mascarene Islands. The island is a blend of old and new, good and bad, rich and poor, tradition and modernity and many more.
Here is Yasin from the land of stunning sand rimmed lagoons with picturesque coastlines before you sharing his understanding of India through his journey of education.
 Yasin is pursuing Bachelors in Journalism and Communication at Manipal Institute of Communication. Yasin is in India since 2008. Excerpts of the interview:

What inspired you to take India as your educational destination?

India is very cheap when compared to European countries. Moreover, it is a sort of tradition in Mauritius to take up higher studies abroad. It really makes the student more independent and helps him or her to develop individualism.

Why did you choose Manipal University?

Manipal University has its own tag of reputation across the globe. It is one of the brand names among the galaxies of private universities in India.

How is the fee structure in India in comparison with Mauritius? Is it feasible?

Education in India is too expensive when compared to Mauritius. We don’t have to pay for education in Mauritius. It is free education in the initial years and minimal fee for higher education.

Why did you prefer studying journalism?

I wanted to do journalism because I feel it is the only way to root out corruption. Corruption in Mauritius is worst especially in political arena. I want to bring changes thereby be the fraction of changes in my country. Journalism makes you to get in touch with diverse facts and issues. I experienced the pinch of new experiences, new stuff and new world studying communication.

What is your area of interest in journalism?

I would like to work in radio as radio plays a major role in Mauritius public life. It is not the means of entertainment rather radio is used to procure information and gain knowledge. The late evening programmes will be more effective that can change the mindset of people.

Does the notion of freedom of expression exist today?

Absolutely no. it is the concept put in our head for the entire society. We can’t practice it anywhere. We are curbed from the privilege.

What is your idea of India?

Many countries in one big country. Varieties of culture. It is wonderful to know many people with different culture and tradition. However, Indian roads are horrible and pollution is very high here besides dirtiness everywhere.

Religion in India?

Religion is taboo in India. It is practiced with more passion here.

Politics in India?

Indian politicians are more corrupt, they fight a lot in Parliament. Politics is of bad reputation in India.

What are the places you visited in India and the place you liked most?

Mumbai, Delhi, Agra, Goa, Coorg and Kerala. I liked Mumbai most because of street food and life is more fun in Mumbai. Coorg is peaceful and Goa is more of beaches like Mauritius.

Would you suggest India for education to your friends?

Yes. Studying courses related to humanities in India will be of more advantage because it gives additional knowledge on the topic.

However, for the education on science and engineering, UK will be the better destination.