Vishva Bharati to publish books on Tagore's paintings

Vishva Bharati to publish books on Tagore's paintings

His works represent emotions and messages

“There are more than 1900 painting collections of Tagore at the Rabindra Bhavan. All these collections will be brought in four volumes providing technical details of each painting. If Tagore’s paintings outside Rabindra Bhavan and in many foreign land is also counted, it will exceed more than 2230 works. All these will be compiled in the four volumes,” Prof Uday Narayana Singh said.

He was speaking after inaugurating National seminar, Gurudev - 150, organised as part of the Bahuroopi national theatre festival at Rangayana at Central Institute of Indian Languages (CIIL).

Describing Tagore as multi-talented personality, Singh said there could be no parallel to the varied interests that Tagore nurtured in him. He is among the exemplary multi-faceted talents of world.

Many people know Tagore as only a writer. But, he was more than a writer and a poet. He was painter, sculptor, a philosopher a musician among many others. He strongly believed in strength of visual art and theatre, which is represented by his works in painting and music, he said.

“The Tagore’s time was an era when the art, music and literature was solidifying and guiding the world. It was also a time when its influence started penetrating in India. Though, Tagore started paintings when he was 67 years old, the paintings represent a
various emotions and messages, larger than the words.

He had an insatiable hunger for creativity,” said Singh, the former director of CIIL. He briefed about the huge collections of the reminiscences of Tagore - his paintings, manuscripts, manuscripts scribled with doodles, the materials he used and many others.  

Tagore established the Kalabhavan which has a vast repository of musical compositions and paintings contributed by artists from differrent parts of the country and the world. He blended the Kalabhavan with music and painting. Famous artists from all over the world and within India came here to teach. While, a large number of graduating students from the Kalabhavan occupied who reached the zenith in their own fields of music and painting are also drawn from various backgrounds - caste, religion, nationality, demonstrating Tagore’ss beliefs and ideals, he added.

Director of Rangayana Lingadevaru Halemane, CIIL Director Rajesh Sachdeva and others were present.