Never have the twain met

Never have the twain met

Bangarpet by-poll candidates have not met their voters in two villages

Girls collect the feeble yield of water from a mini water supply tank in Palamadagu-Dinnooru on the border with Andhra Pradesh. DH Photo

Says Gangamma, a resident:“Ee naativaakoo ikkadiki evaroo raaledau. Eepaddakana vastharani chooskoni unnaamu (Till today, none has come here to ask for our votes. We are hoping someone will come today).”

The followers of the candidates have visited the 40 families in the dalit colony, but not the candidates. And that neglect encapsulates the condition of the villages in Kolar District that border either Andhra Pradesh or Tamil Nadu, or both.

The Bangarpet constituency is reserved for SCs, and yet the candidates have ignored dalits, the voters in the twin villages fume. The twin villages are deprived of facilities that other habitations elsewhere in the State take for granted.

“Till a few months ago, KSRTC used to operate a trip a day to Palamadagu-Dinnooru. After residents went to Kolar and protested, now the trips have been increased to three, one every five hours,” says Roopesh.

Dinnooru is last village in the Bangarpet constituency. A thick forest abuts the village. The border is a few kilometres away, across whichlie the Tamil Nadu villages Shigaranahalli and Neralakeri.

Both Palamadagu and Dinnooru have a polling booth each. “But, with no politician visiting us, there is no election excitement here,” says Venkatappa.

“We are isolated here. No motivation to go to the polling booth,” say Sampangi.