Hospital asks brain-damaged child to leave

Hospital asks brain-damaged child to leave

Without giving a proper reason, the child’s father, Kiran Chander was issued the letter on Wednesday. Although mediation by a human rights organisation has forced the hospital to keep the child, Kiran says some of the medications have been stopped. 

In April last year, Kiran had brought his son to the hospital after hot coffee accidentally spilled on him. The child suffered 10 per cent burns on the face and neck. It is alleged that after the hospital gave him a sedative to do the dressing, the child had a respiratory attack.

John was immediately shifted to the paediatric ICU and was put on a ventilator. He was shifted to the ward and underwent tracheotomy (creating a hole in the neck to reach the windpipe) for feeding. And, the tracheotomy tube has not been removed.

“The hospital wants to wash its hands of the case now. We don’t have any case history of our son’s treatment,” said a worried Kiran, who is a bank officer.

Kiran said he intended to take up the matter with the State Human Rights Commission and State Commission for Protection of Child Rights.