Hogarekhan range, a trekkers' paradise

Hogarekhan range, a trekkers' paradise

  A view of Hogarekhan en route to Kemmanugundi from Birur.The hill is yet to be explored by the trekkers.

The hillock can be reached en route to Kemmannugundi. The hogarekhan hill is situated nine kilometres from Aladahalli Gate. The journey is strenuous for the visitors. However, one can enjoy the view of Madagadakere. Siddeshwara Mutt is situated on the foothills of Hogarekhangiri. The Siddeshwara mutt has a history of over 100 years. It is believed that Siddeshwara Seer had meditated in the region and there is link between the Siddeshwara mutt and Datta peeta cave.   

The water from the statue of Basavanna situated on the foothills quenches the thrist of the visitors. It is said that water from  statue of Basavanna is good for health as it is mixed with herbs.

The villagers say that tigers, deers wildboar, leopard are found in the hillock as several cattle have become prey to the wild animals. The Hogerahalli tank provides not only drinking water to the cattle but also irrigates crops.

It may be recalled that the locals had staged protest against mining in the region few years ago and the mining was stopped. Now with the effort of the forest department and Western Ghat Task Force, the region has been declared as reserve biodiversity spot.