Children don't listen to us; parents complain to police

Children don't listen to us; parents complain to police

This was the plea made by a mother to a policeman, who went to her house in Mehrauli to challan her for allowing her 15-year-old son to drive her car which has tinted glass and a fancy numberplate, both illegal.

Similar was the complaint by an ex-army officer when confronted by traffic policemen for allowing his son to drive the car without a licence.

These incidents were narrated by Satyendra Garg, Joint Commissioner of Police (Traffic), as he said police will do what can be done but the trend shows the crumbling of institutions which does not augur well for the society.

"A concerned citizen informed me that a 15-year-old child in posh Mehrauli drives his mother’s car, which has tinted glasses and fancy number plate, very rashly

"As it was dangerous for both the child and the safety of others, I sent traffic officials to their residence and found that car had the mentioned defects," Garg said.

When confronted, Garg said, the mother conceded that it was true and she indeed had no control on the child. "He does what he wants and does not listen to her at all and she was helpless. In front of him, she told police that they should be tough with him and tell him not to drive.

"We did that and told the child firmly that if he did that we will take severe action against him and his mother. He agreed but it remains to be seen how much the child abides," Garg said.

In a similar case, he said, an ex-army officer's son was caught racing on NH8 with others at a speed exceeding 100 km per hour when he had no driving licence. He was fined and the parent admonished but again the plea was same that young persons do not listen to elders.

"This shows a phenomena where children are not in control of the parents and endanger their own and others lives. There should be institutions apart from police to make children abide by rules. Else there would be serious danger to them and others," he said.