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Sreepriya Mangalgi,
Bangalore Medical College

Deadlines are a good thing. At the end of the day the warden is responsible for us. So it generally helps to keep track of who’s coming in and who’s going out. The City is unsafe and independence can easily go to some people’s head. If there is no deadline, they can walk in anytime. They’ll write false records and not study and there may even be an accident.

Shikha Jha,Garden City College

It’s a good thing. The localities are not very safe so it is better for us to be back early. Being in hostel is far better than staying outside. If we have work, we can take permission to extend the deadline. So it’s not like we can’t go out.
Having a deadline compels us to finish our work and be back on time. After
finishing her B.Com in Mysore, Sunaina joined the Tata Consultancy Services
and has been working there for six months now. She is even planning to study further through distance education. “Instead of wasting time in a regular college, why not study via correspondence,” she argues. “Distance learning will help me obtain degree certificate and work experience at the same time. Plus, it will also give me more time to study.”

Rachel Poovaiah,

Jyoti Nivas College
Deadlines should exist. Everybody should in be kept in control. Parents stay far away, they won’t know what’s happening. They must be thinking that we are back in the hostel, staying in a safe space. It’s dangerous to be out late. But 7 pm (the deadline in JNC) is too early.

Janya Sachdev

St John’s Medical College

Our hostel deadline is pretty decent. It’s at 11 pm. I’m largely not concerned with the deadline because I’m not much of a late night person any way. Even if I go out, I’m back by 11 pm and if it gets later than that I have plenty of relatives in the City with whom I could stay with. A deadline that’s earlier than 11 would be a headache because if you have to get dinner, it’ll be problematic. 

Suhaila Shafeek

Jyoti Niwas College 

Deadlines are fine. Some people need rules. But these deadlines have to be practical and a 7 ‘o’ clock certainly isn’t practical. We are in college till 4 pm. By the time we come, relax and headout, it’s already too late. We are old enough and we should be trusted a little. Even children’s birthday parties go on much after 7 pm. 

Neha Bhat

Shristi School of Art Design and Technology

If you are a PG student, deadlines are unacceptable. At UG level maybe, and if you are in a course like engineering or something, it’s understandable because you maybe immature. But if you are in a course like design then your course demands flexible timings and the kids are mature and already know what they want from life. 

As told to Vani Sreekanta

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