Guests' spouses not invited for royal marriage

Guests' spouses not invited for royal marriage

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 “It is a nightmare. His wife was absolutely thrilled when the invitation fell on to the doormat, but she couldn’t believe it when it made no mention of her,” a friend of one of the guests was quoted by The Sunday Telegraph as saying.

The guest is a lord lieutenant, one of the British Queen’s personal representatives around the country.

“What makes it worse is that he’s not really bothered about going to London and would be happy to watch it on TV. It is his wife who’s desperate to be there. She had already bought her hat. He’s checked and the invitations are non-transferable,” the guest’s friend said.

In fact, most of the lord lieutenants, many of whom have close links to the Royal family, have been barred from bringing their spouses to the 28-year-old Prince William and 29-year-old Kate’s marriage on April 29, the newspaper said.

However, St James’ Palace has declined to comment on the matter.

Meanwhile, Anarchists are planning to hold a “naked protest” to disrupt Prince William and his fiancee Kate Middleton’s wedding in London on April 29, a news report said.
Organisers have invited members of swingers’ groups to take part and have also held talks with adult filmmakers to record an “alternative” wedding video on the wedding day, the Daily Express reported.

The dress code for the risque demonstration, which is being organised by anti-establishment groups like Lunarchy, Sluts Against Cuts and members of the International Union Of Sex Workers, is simply balaclavas for men and balaclavas plus red lipstick for women, the report said.

Members of a group called Meltdown, which organised the G20 demonstrations, are in charge of recruiting swingers and producing a blue movie of the event.

“The top police are saying they’re enforcing a ring of steel, a sterile zone, around the route of the royal procession. They are making it clear they want absolute monarchy on the day, a highly controlled Royal production, policed militarily with snipers on the roof.
“The last thing you want at a Royal Wedding is sterility. You want the opposite, fertility. You can’t plan an orgy, but that’s what we intend. It’s going to be a very sexy event,” ringleader Chris Knight was quoted as saying.

Knight, who was sacked from his university post after claims of inciting violence at the G20 demonstrations in 2009, has also revealed plans to hold a carnival-style street party near the ceremony in a bid to obstruct the police.