The tribe against the bribe finds its icon in Hazare

The tribe against the bribe finds its icon in Hazare

The tribe against the bribe finds its icon in Hazare

As the Country rejoices the moment of ‘victory’ with the Anna Hazare movement bringing the Central Government to its knees, Bangaloreans believe that it may just the harbinger of things to come in the “war on corruption”.

The inspiration can be felt on-ground with college students and young professionals including those from the IT sector across the City inspired and awed by the courage and commitment of social activist Anna Hazare, and see him as their role model to fight corruption.

Nithya, an IT professional believes that the first step has been taken by Hazare and now was the time for rest of the country to follow his ideals.

“It is not just the corrupt officials who are to be blamed but also every individual who takes part in the act of bribing. It’s high time that we stood firm and nipped corruption in the bud.”

Stop taking, giving bribes

Chandrakanth, another IT employee believed that the people of India needed to follow the lead taken by Hazare and stop taking or giving bribes.

Yet another citizen of Bangalore, Amya Das believed that Hazare had encouraged youngsters like him to stop promoting corruption at lower levels. “Those who want to check corruption can do so by raising their voices against people who indulge in it,” said Dilip, another IT professional. 

Such has been the effect of the movement that the “Silicon City” of the country has vouched for a drastic reduction in the corruption level if every citizen takes an oath that they would not part take in corruption.

Adding a little scepticism and dropping a hint of warning, Lokayukta Santosh Hegde believed that the citizens of Bangalore should ensure that their passion which ran highwhen Hazare was on fast last week wasnot dissipated.