Mubarak summoned for interrogation, ex-PM in custody

Mubarak summoned for interrogation, ex-PM in custody

Former interior, tourism, housing and information ministers have already been put into custody and some are under house arrest after two-weeks of riots in Egypt against Mubarak’s 42-year rule forced him to step down.

Mubarak, 82, is facing corruption charges. But the date of his interrogation has not been set.

He and his sons will be questioned about alleged shooting of peaceful demonstrators, power abuse and embezzlement charges. The former leader has been banned from leaving the country, and his accounts and property have been freezed.

Thousands of Egyptians seeking Mubarak's trial clashed with the army in Cairo Saturday, which left two people as killed and 18 others as wounded.

Mubarak said Sunday he was ready to open to public the numbers of his accounts to refute corruption allegations, Al-Arabiya television reported.

Mubarak, in his first public address since two-weeks of protests forced him to resign in mid-February, said: “I was not involved in embezzlement and am ready to cooperate with investigators to prove that I do not have any property or accounts abroad.”

The ex-president said he and his family had fallen victim to an unfair campaign and promised to do his best to prove his innocence.

“I intend to use my right to defend my reputation,” said Mubarak from his Red Sea residence in Sharam El-Sheikh where he has lived since he left office.