Gulf Cooperation Council calls for power transfer in Yemen

According to the spokesman of the ruling General People's Congress party ( GPC), who preferred  anonymity, GPC initially rejected the offer but the party is now deliberating over the GCC statement.

"We have received the message of the GCC and the final response will be decided by the Yemeni people," said the spokesman.

GCC has also asked Saleh to allow the opposition Joint Meeting Parties (JMP) to lead the transitional national unity government, he added.

The final statement, which was issued in Riyadh following a meeting of foreign ministers of GCC states and Yemen, said that after the JMP forms the transitional government, it will be authorised to write a new constitution and prepare for elections.

Over 120 people have been killed and about 5,000 injured since the protests inspired by uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt broke out in Yemen early February.

President Saleh, who has ruled since 1978, announced a state of emergency in Yemen March 18.

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