Opening a window to many fields

Opening a window to many fields

Annual Exhibition

Apart from the exhibition, other events too were conducted on the occasion. This included seminars, workshops, competitions, cultural events, film screening and more.  On display was the creativity of the students in all spheres.

Hosted by RV College of Architecture, the two-day exhibition focussed on other fields along with architecture.

The whole campus was decorated in bright colours and the main stage was eye-catching.  Sri Lankan architect Anjalendran C, who was the chief guest, talked on ‘Pioneers of Modern Architecture Since Independence in Sri Lanka’. There was also a detailed presentation on his project works.

Anjalendran, who was known for his SoS children’s villages in Sri Lanka, talked about the construction of eco-friendly houses by using minimum resources.

The audience enjoyed his presentation as it was very lively with colourful photographs and witty remarks.

Another architect from Sri Lanka, Waruna Gomis, conducted an architectural photography workshop for the students.

Michael Foley, a product designer and architect Prem Chandavarkar, delivered speeches on interesting topics.  The Alumni Association conducted a panel discussion titled, ‘Beyond the Portals of RVCA’, which included landscape architects, urban designers and architects.

Aneesh Vidyashankar, an architecture student, presented a violin recital which was well appreciated. He ended the show with Krishna Nee Begane Baaro on the request of Anjalendran.  At the end of the day, ‘Agnii’, a percussion band set the stage on fire with their energetic performance.

The second day commenced with the screening of the film ‘One City, Two Worlds’, conceptualised by Rahul Mehrotra and Cyrus Guzder.  A panel discussion was held on ‘Urban Design’ by the faculty members and students of M Arch at ‘Urban Design Programme’.

Architects like Shaji Panicker, Ganesh Kattepur, Chitra Viswanath and Tushar Vasudev, landscape architect Varna Shashidhar, sculptor Balan Nambiar and artist Amarnath brought variety to the programme with their lively presentations, lectures and workshops.

Hundreds of projects, thesis and models done by the students were on display. Case studies and models relating to Montessori schools, slums, township plans, college campuses, community housing and others reflected the novel ideas of the students.  The event concluded with a sitar concert by Pandit Purbayan Chatterjee, which was organised by Spicmacay.