Waiting for tonight!

Waiting for tonight!

Excited lot

The World Cup cricket has only increased Bangaloreans’ thirst for the game. All set to get some taste of live IPL action, Bangaloreans who are watching the Twenty20 ties on the big screen, have responded in a huge way to the first match the City is hosting on Tuesday between Royal Challengers and Mumbai Indians.

 Merchandise have been readied and people have made adjustments to their schedule in such a way that they would either reach home in time to catch the match or reach the stadium well in time to catch the best seat.

Metrolife interacted with a few Bangaloreans and asked them about their expectations about the match and how they’ve been working towards it.

There are a few people who said they love cricket and wouldn’t mind watching it in just about any format. A few others observed that the IPL has come in too soon after the World Cup and there were others who said that they don’t watch the IPL because they feel the players play not for the love of the sport but for money. Most people also said they weren’t very happy with the mix of players in Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) and missed not having a Bangalorean on board.

Anto, a store keeper, said that he couldn’t wait for the IPL to begin. He hopes to reach home early to catch all the action on screen, “The pride of winning the World Cup still lingers on and the IPL has surely come in too early but I love cricket and it’s always a pleasure to watch the sport,” he said.

He feels RCB has a good mix of young players which is sure to fuel the chance to perform well. Sreelakshmi Rao, an employee with a construction company feels a bit let down with no Bangalorean in the team. “The IPL has come in too fast but I would definitely go to the stadium and catch all the action live. The spirit of the game lives on  and I hope the new mix of players brings loads of luck,” she said.

Vikas Raj, student of Presidency College plays cricket and trains for the sport as well. He observed, “India has won the World Cup and nothing matches that feeling of pride. The new teams from Pune and Kochi have some great players on board and RCB too looks good with some young faces. I feel most players are pushed to play for money and their love for the sport is secondary.” 

Anand G with IBM and Lakshmi, a student of M Tech are not bothered about IPL. They say they’re content with watching the World Cup and wouldn’t waste their time on the IPL. “There’s no curiosity factor to the IPL. Most players play for money and there’s no feeling of patriotism or oneness among the players,” said Anand. Lakshmi added, “I have never really liked the IPL and the corruption that comes with it is a turn off.”