Kindarajogi summer camp begins

Kindarajogi summer camp begins

Cine actress Jayamala shares a lighter moment with children at the inauguration of ‘Kindarajogi Makkala Santhe’ summer camp, in Mysore recently. DH photo

Addressing the audience, Dr Jayamala bemoaned that parents often interfered and spoil the dreams of children.

She advised parents to support the aspirations of children to bring out the talents hidden within them.

Mentioning that the society had a large number of joint families earlier, she said that children used to spend time with grandparents and spend their summer holidays.

However, the nuclear families fail to provide such an experience to children, she added.

Dr Jayamala opined that children are being denied the opportunity of enjoyed their childhood.

However, she hoped that summer camps would provide a platform to children to develop their personalities.

While lamenting that children are involved only in watching television and reading text books, she said that they should take extracurricular activities.