Maken announces ex-gratia of Rs 25,000 for injured athlete

The minister has also written to the Railway Minister and the Railway Board to get a thorough enquiry done into the matter so that the guilty could be brought to book.

"The Ministry stands with her in this hour of tragedy and will extend all possible help," a statement from the ministry, said.

Sonu, a 23-year-old athlete, was pushed by three men from the Padmavat Express last night between Chenati and Bareilly railway stations while she tried to resist a robbery attempt.

She was travelling to Delhi to appear in an examination, police said. As she fell on the track, she was hit by another train moving on a parallel track and her left leg below the knee was crushed.

A profusely bleeding Sonu was rushed to the district hospital in Bareilly, where her leg was amputated.

"When she was brought here, she was in a very serious condition. Her left leg was badly damaged and her right leg had injuries. She had also suffered some head injuries. Our entire team has been treating her. Her left leg has been amputated. Her general condition is fine," a doctor treating her said.

With her legs and head in bandages, Sonu said the robbers tried to pull her gold chain. "I resisted and they pushed me out of the train. I could not move. I remember seeing a train coming towards me. I tried getting up. By then, the train had run over my leg. I don't remember anything after that," she said from the hospital bed.

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