Dubai maid gives abusive boss the chop

Dubai maid gives abusive boss the chop

The maid chopped off a man's penis on Monday after he pestered her for a massage, police said.

Police responded to a call from the man and found him bleeding badly, 7DAYS quoted a Dubai police official as saying.

The maid told the police that she had lost her patience.

"She claimed the man used to abuse and harass her. On the day of the incident she claims he asked her to give him a massage. She got angry, went to the kitchen to get a knife and
attacked him," police official said.

The maid has been charged with assault.

The UAE and other Gulf countries have come in for repeated criticism from human rights groups over their treatment of millions of foreign workers, mostly Asians.

"We always warn bosses about abusing maids in our police campaigns because bad treatment might backfire on them. Maids sometimes commit awful crimes to get revenge and may assault family members, or put toxic things in food," the police official warned.