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Gangamma will live through her music

Gangubai Hangal is no more.The voice that thrilled millions has stopped still.Gangamma belonged to  Kirana Garana.Ganagamma was the Queen of Hindustani classical music.She dominated the music world for many decades.

On the other hand she was a rebel in the gender equality and always stood fror the cause of women empowerment.She would be the queen ruling over the audience, when she performed.

It is very interesting that both Gangamma and our beloved DKP became history within a week. Both contributed to the Freedom Struggle with their voices! Gangamma will live through her music


Unfair demand

I congratulate the BBMP commisioner, Mr. Bharat Lal Meena for taking an interest in the calculation of depreciation towards Property Tax for 2009 - 10 (Letters DH July 21st 2009).

However, may I remind him that depreciation is a factor of time. The Property Tax Handbook available online at shows a depreciation table with percentages of depreciation to be applied for periods of years broken into slabs ( for instance, >15yrs to 18yrs = 18%; >18yrs to 21yrs = 21%). However, if your property crosses one of the slabs between 2008-09 and 2009-10, then you are unable to claim the added percentage of depreciation, because suddenly, you are in a "block period".
What is more, the fact that this is a block period was not made known until this year and is clearly an arbitrary move on the part of the BBMP. The forms for 2009-10 are designed to force people to fill in exactly what they had paid the previous year, not allowing them to enter any further depreciation.

Ironically, the BBMP's own website tax calculator factors this in, and calculates the tax fairly, allowing for an additional year's depreciation. But, due to fast approaching deadlines, the people are compelled to pay what is is unfairly demanded, without getting a fair chance to air their just grievances.

The BBMP stands to gain crores of rupees from this move, while the taxpayer is burdened twice over, once by the revised rates, and secondly with this unreasonable clause.

Padma Ramaswamy

Why shelter dishonest people?

A three term  Congress MLA recently jumped into the Lotus party, has assets belonging to him and in the name of his brother  worth crores of rupees according to raids from Income Tax officials. This is mere tip of the iceberg. Why do all political parties harvest and give shelter to such dishonest people?

Black money and political hypocrisies are the root  causes of all corrupt deals.

Estimates from experts show that black money running a parallel economy. This has a tremendous holding power cornering huge stocks of goods ans services, resulting in artificial scarcity and rising prices, harming the poor and middle class people. Efforts of several finance ministers to root out corruption have failed miserably. Unless the corruption is rooted out at the highest levels of government/industry and politics.and the culprits are punished quickly and harshly, the menace will be a growing cancer of the economy.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru proclaimed loudly that he will hang  black marketeers at the nearest lamp post. During the last six decades, not a single looter has been hanged.

What is the remedy for this ruinous national cancer? Will giving full powers to  prosecuting and awarding jail plus huge fines to Lok Ayuktas and enlarging their activities solve this problem? How is it that small countries like Singapore, the Scandinavian countries, New Zealand and Australia are rated as the least corrupt countries?In the shameless list of high corruption figure countries like China, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Dr. K.S.Krishnamurthy

Disgraceful Act

A foreign airline's frisking Dr Abdul Kalam our former president on Indian soil is despicable

Would they have had the guts frisk George Bush, British Prime Minister etc.
This act reflects their beastly mentality which is aimed at insulting Indians.

Such foreign airlines should be banned.


Review VIP culture

 It is surprising that not until Rajya Sabha members raised the issue during zero hour, the frisking incident which had occured three months back had not come to light. The incident of subjecting Mr.Abdul Kalam, our past President to  frisking is both demeaning and unfortunate and needs to be condemned in no uncertain term ("Furore over Kalam frisking", July 22). While the whole country is rightly agitated over this, the lesson learnt seems to have been lost sight of.

The fact that Dr Kalam allowed himself to be frisked speaks volumes for his humility, a quality which should be emulated. VIP category should be reviewed.

H.R.Bapu Somasekhar

More IT counters, please

I am a Senior Citizen and a pensioner from LIC of India,Bangalore.The Special Counters for filing returns for the alaried class and the pensioners is situated at Palace rounds which is not far away from the Income Tax Office.The arrangements at the Special Counters are good and the people in-charge of the counters are  courteous and helpful.

However, it will be in the interest of Senior Citizens if some of these counters are dispersed across the city.
B.S.Gopala Krishna

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