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Battling strong forces

Disasters, whether manmade or natural, are a part of life on earth. Hurricanes, massive explosions, tornados, floods, mudslides and fires sometimes threaten human lives and harm communities.

Discovery Science brings to its viewers the science behind the most basic but violent forces in ‘Against The Elements’. In each episode, leading scientists analyse astonishing and spectacular scenes of force driven by air, earth, fire and water.

From terrifying tornados and devastating flows of water to massive sinkholes and raging buildings, scientists reveal what is happening chemically, physically and environmentally during every moment of these incredible events from around the world. ‘Against the Elements — Fire’ airs on April 15 at 8.30 pm.

Giving a culture shock

Saraswati to Sasha! Well that’s how Maninee Mishra (who plays the role of Sasha) makes her glamourous entry in Rang Badalti Odhani — as the modern woman who is set to influence the sensibilities of the conservative Khandelwal family.

Sasha, who happens to be Madhavi’s best friend, rechristens herself from Sarawati to suit her modern get-up as Sasha.  She plays the diva, an NRI who gives a culture shock to the Khandelwal family.

Sasha comes across as rude, aggressive, picking on people and their ways which of course has Khanak and her at loggerheads.  If Khanak is one person who can never forget her values in life, then Sasha is all out to prove she is right all the time.
It is desi avatar versus videsi diva… a battle of the East and the West.

Said Maninee Mishra, “I simply love my character Sasha on the show. Modern, smart, outgoing, with a good sense of humour, the character really excites me. It’s a light-hearted role, stylish and very Western.”

With a talented actress like Maninee on the show, there is a lot to wait and watch for. One thing is for sure — she is going to add a generous dose of glamour and comedy.
Catch the gorgeous and stylish Maninee Mishra as she brings new twists and turns in Rang Badalti Odhani every Monday to Saturday at 10 pm on Star One.

Turning rich overnight

HBO presents ‘Richie Rich’ on April 15 at 9 pm. The movie stars Macaulay Culkin, Jonathan Hyde, John Larroquette and Edward Hermann. Richie Rich inherits $70 million when his parents are lost at sea.

Unfortunately, for him, his guardian happens to be greedy Laurence Van Dough, who wants the big bucks all for himself.

Richie attempts to foil his guardian’s evil plans while trying to find his parents with the help of some newfound friends.