Facing challenges with ease

Facing challenges with ease

Recently, one saw the completion of Girish Karnad and Shruthi starrer Shabdamani and now joining the bandwagon is Jai Hind. The film, starring Pooja Gandhi and Sandesh in the lead, speaks about how a young army officer dedicates his entire life to the country and combats terrorism.

“This is my third film as a director and taking up a topic like this for a Kannada film has been a challenge. Many incidents in the film have been inspired from the stories of our producer Srinivas Pujar, who was a part of the army,” says Venugopal, who recently shot for the film at the Bangalore Central Jail. Talking about the sequence at the Central Jail, Venugopal says that it was a crucial part of the film. “It was a fight sequence and was beautifully choreographed by Thriller Manju,” he adds.

The project has been a long time dream for producer Srinivas, who believes that it will be a success. “Terrorism has been on the rise in our country. How one army captain gets trained and is able to curb terror activities is what we want to show through this film,” he says while adding, “Eliminating terrorism is not an easy job. It is possible only if the entire country stands united against it.”

The film, Venugopal says, starts off with a widow (played by Pooja) who mourns for her husband who was in the army. “The movie then takes the audience back in time and talks about her life as a doctor and how her husband was shot,” he adds. Sandesh, who plays the role of an army officer, will be seen in three different looks in the film. “His character actually carries the movie forward and shows how strong-willed a youngster is when it comes to serving his country,” adds Venugopal.

The film has mainly been shot in Bangalore. Only one song needs to be shot and it will be shot it in Madikeri. The songs have been composed by Krishnavardhan Kulkarni. “There are five songs in the movie out of which one is very patriotic and the others are a mix of romantic numbers and situational numbers,” says the director. With 90 per cent of the movie complete, Jai Hind will hit the screens after two months.