Citizens air woes before Mayor.

Citizens air woes before Mayor.

Mayor Praveen interacting with citizens at Don Bosco Hall in Mangalore on Thursday. DH photo

In an interaction programme with the Mayor and Mangalore Citizens Association at Don Bosco hall on Thursday, the senior citizens came out with a set of problems urging the Mayor to come up with possible solutions.

One of the senior citizens K R Shenoy brought to the notice of the Mayor that there was dearth of SAS application forms in the MCC office.

“We have not been receiving application forms from last two days and the clerks say that as there is shortage of application forms and we might get it only after 3-4 days of wait. The public who visit the MCC to collect applications forms to pay the tax before April 30 to attain five per cent tax discount benefit are disappointed. The delay in giving the forms is injustice as many would deprive from benefiting from the discount offer. Thus we urge the MCC to extend the deadline for five more days,” he demanded.

Mayor assured of looking into the matter.

Another senior citizen John Rodrigus from Bendoor complained that MCC is not co-operating with the citizens to have proper drainage system.

 “Many a times even if a house owner intends to dig drainage in front of his house, he will not be able to do so because of the opposition from the neighbours who do not agree to allot some land for constructing the drainage. This being a major problem, the MCC must look into the matter, make strict regulation so that the drainage is constructed in all the residential areas,” he said.

When the citizens asked about the delay in constructing footpaths, Mayor said though tender was given to the contractors, the delay was due to non-availability of sand and interlocks.

He assured the citizens of responding to the issues at the earliest.