They 'smiled' through grandpa's X-ray film

He was opposed to watching eclipse

They made their first attempt to watch the solar eclipse unfold through the images of his ribs and bones.

Sarvesh (name changed) with his family was among the crowd that had assembled at the hillock in Lalbagh to view  the century’s longest solar eclipse. They brought with them pieces of an X-ray film of Sarvesh’s father, who was very superstitious about the eclipse throughout his life.

“I had deep interest in watching the eclipse but my father never allowed us to watch it.

There was once a total solar eclipse when we were small children and were living in New Delhi. My father had confined us inside the house and packed the air ventilation with pillows so that rays of the eclipsed sun could not enter the room,” recalled Sarvesh.

Almost thirty years later when his father is no more, Sarvesh with his wife and two children came to Lalbagh to see the celestial event with the deadman’s X-ray film, which was cut into four pieces.

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