Strauss, Hussey my favourite wickets: Zak

Strauss, Hussey my favourite wickets: Zak

 “Strauss and Hussey were my favourite World Cup wickets,” said Zaheer on this week’s ICC Cricket World Radio Show.

“Taking Andrew Strauss’ wicket was a game-changing moment for us in Bangalore, it was a perfect yorker and something I’ll always remember. Also in the quarterfinal, taking Mike Hussey’s wicket was really important -- Ricky Ponting was playing well and it was important to break that partnership,” he added.

“I’m glad that by playing in this World Cup I had the opportunity to change things from the past, but I do not regret 2003, it was a great learning experience, it meant I was more prepared for 2011 and ready to help India win this World Cup,” added the bowler, who featured in India’s World Cup 2003 final loss to Australia.

Another member of the World Cup winning team, S Sreesanth said he was so ecstatic after India’s victory that he didn’t even realise that he had no shoes on. “We all knew when the ball hit the middle of the bat it was headed for the stands. There’s nothing like hitting a six to win the World Cup.

“I just remember running onto the field to celebrate with no shoes on and then later going to collect my gold medal off the podium and realizing I still had no shoes on,” said Sreesanth.