Fund crunch biggest impediment for development of this ward

Fund crunch biggest impediment for development of this ward

Inviting danger: A poorly maintained storm water drain near Mathrumandali Circle, in Mysore. DH Photos

“I f common man encroaches government land or footpath the authorities concerned clear without any notice, but why no action is taken on rich and influential people, questions Mahesh and other residents of Gangotri Layout.

Their anger is over encroachment of footpath on Maruti Temple Road.

Influential persons residing in the locality have built compounds on the space meant for drain and footpath.

The residents face problems during rainy season as the water collects on road thus making their life miserable.

The blame automatically goes on the local corporator and officials concerned for their failure to address the problems.

Rajeshwari Puttaswamy represents Ward number 23. She has been facing the wrath of residents for the poor drainage system.

Efforts by MCC to set right this problem on the Temple Road have not yielded results due to encroachment of footpath.

The sources said tenders called for drainage works cancelled twice due to delay in clearing encroachment.

The MCC has called tender afresh to address this problem for the third time. However, that will be possible only after clearing encroachment.

The councillor expressed her helplessness to solve the drainage problem without people's cooperation.

The Ward No 23 comprises Kuderemala sweeper colony, Jayalakshmipuram, Gangotri Quarters, Gangotri layout, Vagdevinagar and parts of Paduvarahalli.

A number of reputed educational institutions are here in this ward. The prominent residents are former vice- chancellor, Prof D Javaregowda, MLA V Srinivasprasad, former mayor Vasu. Complaints are not much in Jayalakshmipuram and Gangotri quarters except of poor maintenance of solid waste management.

The residents want the SWM to be improved as they pay tax regularly to the MCC. In fact, the highest revenue is from those two localities. Shortage of labourers and autorickshaws to collect garbage have hit door- to door collection.

In Gangotri area, the main grouse of residents has been irregular water supply. Water is still being supplies in tankers to these residents.

There are 14 parks in the area of which only four have been maintained. A majority of parks do not have compound. The corporator says money is not sufficient to develop this big ward.

She said special attention is given for the improvement of education for the children of pourakarmikas of Kudermala Slum Colony.

Computers and note books had been distributed free to the students of Government Primary School. The funds are spent on UGD repair, ashphaltation and other roads.