Enjoy summer with seasonal fruits!

Enjoy summer with seasonal fruits!


When you are still enjoying the scene of blooming roadside trees adding colour to the heritage city, you can feel the trickling sweat and realise that summer has arrived; that too with a bang.

Several parts of the State has even recorded 40 degrees much to the awe of people, and is sure to increase in the coming days, creating panic among the people, especially senior citizens.

It is also the time when schools are closed for vacation and you have the extra burden of looking after kids, who do not mind venturing out in the scorching sun.

Several discussions are being held to take measures to tackle global warming, but it is time to face the reality and be prepared to face the blistering summer ahead. Luckily, it is also the time for the seasonal fruits which are available in abundance in our city.

Watermelon, the red fleshy fruit which is being put up by the vendors in every nook and corner of the city,  musk melon, blessed with edible seeds, strawberries, seedless grapes and  mangoes, the ‘KING’ of fruits.

These fruits which are loaded with a lot of essential minerals and vitamins available during summer is a blessing in disguise and should be utilised to the maximum.

Watermelon vendor Ramu, who has spread his makeshift shop near one of the posh locality says that the fruit is being brought from Tamil Nadu (TN).

The crop in Karnataka yields in the month of November and by Ramzan its yield is over and now the much-needed fruit to quench your thirst is brought from TN and is sold at ` 15 per kg.

The musk melon sold at `10 per piece is a sure heat buster and reduces body heat and benefits in controlling body temperature. Strawberries, which were available only in northern states, grown in Mahabaleshwar in Pune, Maharashtra, is attracting the fruit lovers, especially kids with its attractive packing and is sold at ` 35 per box.

Mangoes are now slowly making their way into the markets definitely has a huge fan following who would love to gorge as much as possible this season.

Seedless grapes are the alltime favourites and it is really impossible to resist the yummy curd rice mixed with raw grapes and enjoy the heavenly feeling.

As summer it is also the season for IPL and with children hovering around the television sets, what else than the cubed watermelon with a dash of pepper and salt, or a fruit salad can be a perfect healthy companion!