Karishma Kapoor promotes furniture in Bangladesh

Karishma Kapoor promotes furniture in Bangladesh

She was promoting N'Queens Furniture at Baridhara at a function flanked by film world colleague Chunkey Pande.

Karishma Kapoor praised the designs of the furniture and said Bangladesh was very good at making world class furniture, New Age said Saturday.

N'Queens proprietor Mir Nizamuddin Ahmed expressed the hope that N'Queens Furniture would establish itself as a producer of furniture that matches international standards. Film actors from Mumbai have been frequenting Bangladesh for various causes.

Shah Rukh Khan led a team of entertainers some weeks ago to promote Sundarbans, the home of Royal Bengal Tiger, as the Eighth Wonder of the World.

Kasrishma's sister Kareena Kapoor was also here with actor Saif Ali Khan to promote Airtel, the Indian telecom major that has gained a share of Bangladesh's growing market.