It's time for pets; fish world unveiled at expo

It's time for pets; fish world unveiled at expo

The Aqua show at Dasara Exhibition Grounds draws people in big numbers; dog show today

Flower Horn fish popular as ‘Vastu fish’. dh photos by prashanth h gCosting up to ` 50,000, the natural planted tanks are ubiquitously found in hotels as aquariums. Tanks with a length of six feet and more fixed with intricate designs provide a soothing feeling and also is turning into a big business.

According to Kiran Chavan of Marine Aquarium even marine tanks with fish that only survive on salt water are also gaining popularity among denizens.

The surge in popularity was visible at the ‘Aqua Show’ being organised by the Mysore Pet Club (MPC) at the Dasara Exhibition Grounds, where fish lovers had a glimpse of exotic species, on Saturday, the first day of the show.

According to sources,  fishes worth around Rs 20 lakh are being imported from countries such as as Singapore and coastal city’s such as Chennai and Calicut.

Prominent among 5,000 fishes displayed were- Vastu, marine and ornamental fish, with the Banjara Red Arawane costing ` one lakh being the most costliest here. Fishes that garnered special attention was the invertebrate, in which the Tomato Clowns and Blue Damsels played hide and seek.

Other fishes included King Kongs costing up to ` 75,000, Neon Tetra’s that glow at night, Singapore and Pineapple Guppies, Giant Gurani, Glover Horn, Alligator Fish and Red Belly Pyranhas. About 50 varieties of the Chickled family of fish were also displayed.

A bay Arapaima Cigas one of the largest fresh water fishes in the world, which grows up to 15 feet and weighs 500 pounds, is also on display.

Members of Mysore Pet Club, who are organising the event for the second consecutive year, said that the show is aimed at educating people about pets.

Also it is aimed at creating a platform for pet lovers, owners, breeders, veterinarians, trainers, pet shops, pet boarding and other animal welfare organisations including food and medicine companies.

According to one of the aquarium owners, the new trend is the planted tanks, with varieties of plants inside them. Plants including Valasneira, Amazon, Banana and Lily are

Today’s events

The aqua show is being organised by the Mysore Pet Club and will be open on April 17 from 9 am to 5 pm at the Dasara Exhibition Grounds.

A show of pet dogs, cats, birds is  also being organised on Sunday at the same venue.
MPC founding members said that nearly 300 entries have been already received for the contests. On the spot entries are also available. Dog breeds like Napoleon Mastiff, Boxer, Mudhol, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Labrador and Golden Retrievers are major attraction. Persian cats, Parakeets, African Love Birds, Cockatoo, Cocktails, Fighter Male Chickens and a Volcano, a type of chicken can be seen.


* Observing fish for 10 minutes is good for eyes.
* The slow rhythmic motion of fish is relaxing.
* It helps lower blood pressure levels and is a cure for insomnia.
* It has a calming effect on hyperactive children.
* It acts as a great relaxant for people who work long hours on the computer.
* Keeping an aquarium brings positive energy to your home.
* Soothes body and mind