A book called Trade Secrets from the BBC series by Katherine Lapworth & Alexandra Fraser tells us that to clean up a burnt saucepan, soak it in Coca- Cola for a while! Then wash it out!

Another  eco-friendly cleaning expert Annie Berthold-Bond in her book Clean & Green says that you can use half a cup of cola, even diet cola is fine, to dissolve greasy finger marks on the windows! You just have to saturate a sponge or a rag with the soda and wipe the windows clean!

You can even clean windows with the Sunday paper! Take old newspapers and rub the windows clean with them!

Have you ever helped  your mother to clean up the kitchen after a delicious meal that she has taken a lot of trouble to cook? Here are some interesting ways to help mom to clean up your house, in a green and eco friendly way.

The best window wash can be made with half a teaspoon of  vegetable-oil-based liquid soap, 3 tablespoons vinegar, 2 cups water, spray bottle.

Just fill up the spray bottle with these cheap ingredients, sahke it up nicely and use it like a commercial brand. If your windows are very dirty take one fourth teaspoon of liquid soap, three tablespoons vinegar, one fourth teaspoon washing soda and two cups water. Use in the same way as above.

Now you can try out cornstarch for window cleaning. Take 3 tablespoons cornstarch, and half cup water. Put them in a bowl and mix them well. Saturate a soft, cotton rag with this solution and rub on the window.

At first you will see a film, but as you continue to rub, the window will shimmer brightly!
Another window cleaning recipe is to use one eighth cup vinegar, oe cup water in a spray bottle. Or take the juice of two lemons and dab a rag with it to rub your windows  squeaky clean.

If you want to clean up a dirty mirror take one cup strong black tea, cool it, and take 3 tablespoons vinegar. Put them in a spray bottle and gently clean up your mirror with this solution.

If you don’t want to call the plumber home when your drains need cleaning take one fourth cup washing soda and pour it down the drain each week, then rinse after six to eight hours with hot water.

You can also take one fourth cup vinegar and pour it down the drain.

To keep your garbage bag fresh, sprinke a handful of baking soda on top to control the bad smells.

If you want your kitchen to smell sweet when your teacher or someone important is coming to lunch or dinner, put some orange peel in the oven (at 350o F, 180 deg. C, Gas Mark 4).

Do you use energy efficient light bulbs? They use 80 per cent less energy than normal bulbs.

To save water clean your teeth using a mug so the water does not keep running down the tap. Try making this home made furniture polish for your mom to use: mix up one part lemon juice with two parts olive oil.

Want to make a yummy, tasty, colourful  cake topping? Mix a little strawberry jam and boiling water into icing sugar and pour over your cake.

Have salt baths  to heal any wounds or scratches on the skin. Add a cup of salt to your bath water. 

To clean up moldy areas saturate a sponge with vinegar and scrub the mold away. Then rinse it off.

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