Tragedy awaits tribals

Tragedy awaits tribals

Dept gives electricity connection to thatched roof huts despite opposition

The dilapidated condition of the house belonging to Vasanth. The elctricity meter can be seen on the wall of the hut.

In the hamlet, about 10 thatched roof huts have been provided with electricity connection. Before constructing new houses to the tribals, what was the need to provide electricity connection to the thatched roof houses? asks tribal leader.

Before constructing house at the cost of Rs 1.10 lakh by the government to the Jenukuruba families under Forest Rights Act, electricity connections have been given to the thatched roof huts through Aigoor Gram Panchayat, alleged District Budakattu Krishikara Sangha President J P Raju.
“The electricity connection has been given to thatched roof huts. If the region gets rain, then there are all possibility of house may be gutted due to short circuit. ITDP officer should be alert before any tragedy takes place,” he said.

Kodagu Rural Development Institute Secretary V S Ray David said the electricity may become a hell instead of lighting their lives.  Hamlet resident Vasanth said: “We had urged the Gram Panchayat to provide the electricity connection after the construction of new house by the government. However, the GP pressurised us to avail the facility immediately or else the hamlet may not get the electricity for the next 10 to 12 years. Hence we did not oppose.”

Though there is a rule which states that electricity connection should be provided after constructing the house, the ITDP, Social Welfare office’s negligence has resulted in getting electricity connection to the thatched roof house as well.