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All about royalty

Fox History and Entertainment Channel presents The Tudors at 9 pm on July 24. This episPowerful: The cast of The Tudors.ode takes the viewers to welcome the Pope’s emissary, Cardinal Campeggio. Wolsey warns Campeggio of the consequences of standing in Henry’s way. Hoping for a compromise, Campeggio suggests getting Queen Katherine to abdicate her marriage and retreat to a nunnery.

Praising the unsung heroes 

Watch Dirty Jobs on Discovery Channel at 10 pm on July 24. The show takes an unflinching look at the unsung workers and the unusual but vital vocations that must be done.
There is much to be learned as the host Mike Rowe introduces the viewers to an elite assortment of men and women who make their living done in the most unthinkable jobs.

Celebration time  

popular Tune into Gajina Gombe on ETV every Monday to Friday at 6 pm. The 150th episode of the programme airs on July 24. 

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