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A worried lot

Promising: Prathibha Rani and Dharma Keerthiraj.The film’s title suggests the amazement and fascination that only love can inspire. However, Dharma Keerthiraj seemed to display none of these feelings. For Dharma, solo hero for the first time in Olave Vismaya, was anxious about his performance, the film, the director and the other newcomers.

More anxious than his heroine, Prathibha Rani, a newcomer. In his now trademark long-face, Dharma explained, “In Navagraha, we were seven heroes and the responsibility was not so much. Now that I am a solo hero here, I am realising the extent of it and am scared.” He is also worried that his producer and directors are newcomers and worried just like him.

But Prathibha Rani seemed unfazed by this all. “I am lucky to be doing such a role. After all I have got a chance to correct my mistakes under the guidance of none other than Anant Nag, who plays my father’s role in this film.”

Hearing Anant's name, director Nagaraj reminisced how the veteran actor had exclaimed that he wouldn't have gone abroad if he had seen the shooting location at Madikeri before! For Nagaraj has selected some virgin locales there. “Assistant director S Narayan has taught me some discipline and confidence too.

You will get to listen melody that has been missing for the past one and a half decade,” he promised. Television hostess Spoorthi, who is the other heroine, disclosed: “The fact that all of them were newcomers helped their chemistry both onscreen and off-screen!”
Olave Vismaya is expected to hit the theatres by September.

On the sets of ‘Parole’

Two’s company: Pradeep and Rani.The overcast skies added to the mood required for the shoot. The unit of Parole was busy wrapping up the climax at LNR Kalyana Mantapa near Ramohalli last week. Leading pair Pradeep and Rani were appropriately dressed as groom and bride as it was a wedding scene that was being shot. Rani, who missed out getting married to Alok in her debut film Baaji, glowed here but Pradeep's eyes were full of anxiety and fear. He had reason to be anxious. Kishore, flushed with the success of Kabaddi, continues to play the cop with elan. “Though this is yet another cop role for me, my role (ACP, crime branch) is as important as the hero's as Parole is a suspense film,” he said and proceeded to reveal the climax – Kishore, deputed by Pradeep’s father MLA Nagarajamurthy to protect his son, arrests Pradeep in the marriage hall!

Just then, we spied a dhoti-waistcoat clad person roaming around in a suspicious manner inside the premises. Before ACP Kishore’s attention could be drawn to the long-haired, dubious looking person, it was discovered that he was none other than B Suresha, who plays a school teacher in the film, and is set to avenge the wrongs meted out to him since the law failed to help him out. Raising his dark brows up further, Suresha disclosed that he had a few more disguises to don in the film!

Director Rajshekhar, who has shortened his name to just Shekhar for this film, spoke of how a cellphone plays an important role in solving serial killings in the film. The air had turned cooler and one could hear the mosquitoes buzzing  by the time the media interaction ended.


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