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Talented: Amitabh BachchanBrushing up his ham radio skills

It’s a well-known fact that Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan was refused a job by All India Radio (AIR) even though his rich baritone became his USP in life later. Now, Big B reveals that he has been a member of ham radio or the amateur radio club. “Yes, I am a member and had become one soon after my Coolie accident when I was in Delhi recuperating. I had attended classes privately and had also given an examination, received my identity and had become a recognised member,” Big B posted on his blog recently.

“But time and circumstances never permitted me to pursue its activities so I stopped operating it. Now, I am too far gone in another direction and have forgotten all the training that I received. Also my ID needs to be operational again,” he added. But while coming back from Poland, the 68-year-old interacted with the captain of his flight, who is a member of ham radio and had read somewhere that Amitabh too is a recognised member. “The captain is going to send me details of someone in Mumbai who can conduct classes for training again, just to brush up everything, so I can get rejuvenated in this form of communication as well," he wrote.

Special treatment: Sonakshi Sinha Saying no to intimacy

Superstar Salman Khan has asked Sajid Nadiadwala to rewrite the love scenes of ‘Kick’ so that he doesn’t need to touch co-star Sonakshi Sinha.

Salman’s next film, which is a remake of the 2009 Telugu blockbuster ‘Kick’, has gone into serious script revision due to its overt romantic content. Having watched the intimate scenes between Ravi Teja and Ileana D’Cruz in the original, Salman worried at the thought of having to follow suit in the remake with Sonakshi, who is a dear friend of his and had a super successful debut opposite him in Dabangg in 2010. He has asked for the scenes to be modified completely.

Staying quiet

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has been keeping Sanjay Dutt on hold for a long time. The actress was offered to play Hema Malini’s role in the remake of Satte Pe Satta, which will be produced by Dutt and directed by Soham Shah.

However, it has been about two months since she was offered the role and she is yet to get back with a definite answer.

Shaking a leg 

Mahakshay Chakraborty, son of legendary actor Mithun Chakraborty, will be seen in a completely new avatar in Vikram Bhatt’s upcoming film ‘Haunted 3D’. Mahakshay, who has inherited his father’s incredible dancing shoes, will be seen showcasing some terrific dance steps in the movie.

Mahakshay wanted to don the dancing shoes in the movie but given the genre of the movie, he knew it wasn’t possible. But it so happened that while shooting for the movie, the entire team celebrated Mahakshay’s birthday on the sets when someone asked him to dance. Seeing Mahakshay’s incredible dance moves, everyone on the sets was stunned. That’s when the writer of the movie Amin Hajee and Vikram Bhatt decided to have a dance sequence in the movie specially for him. Though not planned earlier they decided to shoot this particular sequence in the film where Mahakshay does some mind-blowing dance steps.

Mahakshay, who is awaiting his second release ‘Haunted 3D’ on May 6, says, “I'm very passionate about dancing. I have learnt professional dance and have been trained in Indian dance form also. For this particular sequence, I have done some hip hop dancing which was choreographed by me too.” Well it looks like the next disco dancer is on his way.

Sanju’s lips are locked 

Just when you thought Mallika Sherawat could not surprise you anymore with her gimmicks, she went and crossed her own standard of spontaneity. Recently, she managed to bewilder Sanjay Dutt with her proposition to kiss him in Indra Kumar’s
Double Dhamaal.

On the sets in Mumbai, before departing to Macau for their next shot, Mallika suggested a steamy scene between the two, leaving Sanju baba red in the face. A source tells us, “Sanjay was flabbergasted by Mallika’s statement and turned down the suggestion.”

Sridevi to mother Sonam? 

So what if Madhuri Dixit broke Anil Kapoor’s heart by refusing to play Sonam Kapoor’s mom? The senior Kapoor is now planning to approach Sridevi for the same role in his next home production titled ‘Freaky Friday’ inspired by the Hollywood movie of the same name.

Nothing has been confirmed as of now, but if all goes well, then Sridevi might be playing the role, says a source.

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