Devotees flock 'miracle' Gurudwara in Malaysia

Devotees flock 'miracle' Gurudwara in Malaysia

The minority Malaysian Sikh community were awestruck after a 'Khanda' image was seen forming on the 'rumala' at the 97-year-old Sahib Serdang Lama Gurudwara here last week, New Straits Times reported.

When a garland, offered by a devotee, was being placed on the rumala, drops of water fell onto the rumala and formed a patch resembling the Khanda, legal secretary Jasvinder Kaur said.

"From about 8.30 pm, there was lightning and thunder as devotees were reciting prayers. As we completed our prayers, I looked up after bowing to Guru Granth Sahib and I saw with amazement the Khanda forming on the rumala," she said. There was also a smaller image of the Khanda on the lower left side of the cloth.

The incident happened on the last day of the three-day prayer recitation in celebration of Baisakhi. The Gurudwara's priest, Guridtta Singh, an Indian national who has been here for one-and-a-half-year, told the paper that it was the first time he had seen such a phenomenon.

He said he never heard of such incidents in India or any where else in the world. Some devotees also claimed that a black bird had appeared at the temple next morning (Friday), and was seen flying onto the 'palki', where the Guru Granth Sahib was kept.

The bird then bowed to the holy book and flew to the dining hall for a sip of water before flying off, the paper said. The devotees said that they believed the bird was a messenger of Guru Gobind Singh as he always had a bird on his right arm. To mark the incident, the Gurudwara conducted a 12-hour prayer session.