They continue to live in stone age...

They continue to live in stone age...

Contrary to the State government’s dream plan of ‘slum-free state,’ stands Bapuji Colony in Tarikere, where maximum number of Dalits have been living for decades. DH PHOTO

With absolutely no traces of modern amenities and infrastructure, the living conditions of the people in the Bapuji colony will only make outsiders wonder as to in which era the Dalit residents of the colony are living in. The colony is situated in Tarikere town itself but it is literally a shantytown.

Situated on left side of Mescom office, this colony has no toilet facilities. Though the Town Municipal Council has come forth to lay concrete road in the colony, no other development works have been initiated there.

The population of the Paurakarmikas has increased and hence the huts have come up in cluttered manner in the colony. There is a need to provide additional land for the Paurakarmikas. The residents say that there is lack of political will to help them.

Hanumanthappa, a Paurakarmika and a resident of the colony says that they have spoken about their problems to almost every politician from the region but it has not yielded any result so far.

He says that it is a shame on the government that Paurakarmikas are living like uncivilised people right in midst of the town in Tarikere.