'Sanjeevani vana' gets new lease of life

'Sanjeevani vana' gets new lease of life

The newly built entrance at ‘Sanjeevani vana’ at Kelagur village.. DH Photo

Sanjeevani Vana is put up in a sprawling 12 hectare are in Kelagur village in 1992 with an intention of growing rare and extinct medicinal herbs by the forest department. The garden comes under the jurisdiction of Aldoor range forest.

Over the last 19 years the garden has been in a deplorable state. Thanks to financial crunch and inefficient political representation. With all the ups and downs, finally in the 13th finance plan, a sum of Rs 30 lakh was ear marked for the revival of the garden.
With this the revival work has been started under the guidance and supervision of Aldoor Forest Officer Abdul Azeez.

There were as many as 42 rare, extinct herbs conserved at Sanjeevani vana. At present some herbs out of this have been conserved. A walk way is being laid so as to facilitate visitors walk and have look at the plants in the garden.

Near every plant the department has put up an information board bearing scientific name, local name and medicinal property of the plant.

A lake in the garden too is being renovated. An entrance arch and watch tower is being constructed in the garden.

Azeez said that they have plans of building a poly house and keep medicinal plants on display and for sale. “We have plans to develop this garden as a model garden in the state. We want to see to it that this garden becomes a tourist destination,” Azeez added.