Panel wants mining operations suspended

Panel wants mining operations suspended

The CEC in its interim report has stated that leases to these 15 companies, coming under the Ramgad Forest Block, Swami Malai Forest Block and Sandur Range Forest in Bellary, were granted under various provisions of MMRD Act, Mineral Concession rules, Forest Conservation Act and various notifications of the State government.

“The (rules) have been flagrantly violated not because the officers concerned were not aware of them but because of the extremely rich iron ore deposits in these areas and the ease with which it could be mined and the huge amount of money involved,” the CEC has stated in its report.

The CEC has recommended that the State ascertain the total quantity of iron ore and other minerals extracted by the lease holders and an amount equivalent to five times the normative market value of such minerals be recovered from them as exemplary compensation.

The CEC has recommended exemplary action against officers of the Forest and Revenue departments for issuing false no objection certificates stating that the areas wherein mining leases have been applied are a non-forest land.

The panel has also recommended action against officers of the Mining department for processing and recommending grant of mining leases in violation of provisions of MMRD Act and Mineral Concessional rules and for concealing the mineral information and favouring individual persons.

Where violation is a norm...

The mining leases granted in violation of rules
in Ramgad Forest Block

Name of lessee    extent (hectares)
Ram Rao M Poal    28.33
Adarsha Enterprises    2.91
J M Vrushbhendraiah    3.29
Sparkline Mining Corporation    4.86
Shiva Vilas Trust    19.22
J M Vrushabhendraiah    3.36
Jai Santhoshi Matha Mining    23.48 (acre)
D Ramesh    14.59 (acre)
VSL Mining Co    9.9 (acre)

Karthikeshwar Mining and Iron Ore Company    67.30 acre
A Arogayya Das    88.0 acre
A Arogayya Das     15 acre
Praveen Kumar Nikkam    60  acre
(under process-mining lease not granted)
B Rudra Gowda     16  acre (under process)
Mithra Mineral Enterprises    12.35 acres(under process)