Ronaldo's father launches fast

Ronaldo's father launches fast

Future tense

Ronaldo's father launches fast

John RonaldoKiran Chander, father of two-year-old John Ronaldo who has been in St John's Hospital for the last one year, launched a hunger-strike in front of the hospital on Monday.
He is being supported by members of an NGO, Global Human Rights Organisation. Murali Kumar from the NGO said that they would continue the protest till the hospital “brought the child back to normal”. John Ronaldo was admitted to the hospital with 10 per cent burns but went into respiratory depression when he was administered a sedative to calm him.

“The hospital took care of the child till 10 days ago, when they discharged him. Now, they want to get rid of him,” said Murali.

He added that none of the officials from the hospital had contacted them.
Kiran, who has lodged a complaint with Karnataka State Human Rights Commission, said an official from the Commission had visited them at the hospital a few days ago. He was hopeful that “something would come out of it”.

Deputy SP Ashwath Narayana from the commission confirmed his visit to the hospital and said the hospital has been asked not to force the parents to take the child away. He said the commission was planning to submit all the documents pertaining to the case to the State medical council.

Talks offered

Meanwhile, Dr George D’Souza, hospital medical superintendent, said the father was welcome for a discussion with the hospital management.
“We are not saying that patient does not require treatment, but he does not require an in-patient treatment. We have been discussing about this with the family for the last three months,” he said.

While the family wanted the tracheotomy tube on the child, which was put for feeding as the boy was on ventilator for a long time, to be taken out, Dr D'Souza said the treating doctor felt that the surgery to close the tube was not appropriate at this point in time. He added that the hospital would admit the patient, if required in future.

“We feel that the home environment would be much more beneficial for the child right now than the hospital environment,” he said.