Lokpal: Krishna seeks PM's intervention

Lokpal: Krishna seeks PM's intervention

Committee members should discuss and form a draft to end corruption

The citizens are doubting the involvement of the Congress led UPA Government in this  ‘conspiracy’. Taking serious note of the same, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should clear doubts prevailing in the minds of people.

Addressing a news conference here, he said the committee members should discuss among themselves and form a draft that would end corruption in the country. The champion of anti-corruption movement, Anna Hazare should not be disturbed over the allegations against the co-chairman of the drafting committee.

The one hundred crore population of the country was behind Anna’s and he should not hesitate to recommend stern action against the corrupt Netas and the Babus. People were fed up with the prevailing corruption in all fields and wanted it to be ended at any cost.

Krishna regretted that Karnataka has won first place in illegal mining in the whole country. Despite this, Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa was behaving as if nothing has happened to the state’s image. The image of Karnataka had taken a beating in the country after the CEC appointed by the Supreme Court made this startling revelation recently.

He said as a member of ‘Brashtachari Virodi Ranga’, he had appealed to the CM to implement four things. Strengthening the Lokayukta, giving powers to Lokayukta to take up suo motto investigation of corruption from the gram panchayat president to the chief minister of the State, appointment of ombudsman in each district and making them work under the Lokayukta.

Corruption among the officials had reached its peak because of the government’s transfer policy. The situation calls for changing the transfer policy in due consultation with experts and leader of all political parties.  The former Speaker said the special powers vested with the chief minister for the allotment of land and denotification of land should be withdrawn as all the CMs misused it. Changes should be brought in law and allotment should be done as per the guidelines.

The examination system of the Karnataka Public Service Commission (KPSC) should also be changed to ensure honest candidates got selected as officers. The chairman of KPSC should be selected on the lines of Lokayukta. Honest and upright IAS officers should head the KPSC to see that the marks of written examination were not leaked. If it happens, the chairman should be held responsible, he added.

He said a meeting will be held on April 25 at the Freedom Park (Subbarayanakere grounds) at 4 pm to chalk out the future course of action. Appointment of honest candidates would cleanse the corrupt system. An agitation would be launched against the government if it fails to address their demands.