Mahasabha resolves to root out corruption

The resolutions included those which vowed to uphold sovereignty, solidarity and security, while vouching to root out corruption and other menace that hindered the progress of the state and country.  The resolutions are as a follows:

n The Mahasabha is committed to root out corruption and other social evils from the society. The Sabha will always support initiatives that have similar objectives.
n Some of the basic fundamentals of Lingayat - Veerashaiva dharma like Shatsthala, Panchachara, Ashtavarana and Ishtalinga concepts are different from other religions. Recommendation would be made to Indian government to declare Veerashaiva - Lingayata dharma as a separate entity.

* Religious heads should encourage every person in Lingayat community to adopt meaningful religious practices followed as part of the community. Just as all mutts came together despite their differences  practice, for the sake of Maha Adhiveshana, the mutts should also pay attention towards organising the society and comprehensive outlook for the future
* Religious heads, leaders within the society and legal experts should work together to remove all confusions and suspicions, if any, to implement the decisions.
* A Veerashaiva Bhavana should be built in every district and taluk.
* Mahasabha website should provide links to all mutts and various organisations on the internet. Besides, Comprehensive Information Centres should be set up to help farmers, women, youths and industrialists. This should also serve the purpose of networking between different groups for mutual benefit.
*Corpus fund should be established to encourage and guide talented students in higher education, competitive exams, industry, media, arts and sports.
*Mahasabha should initiate proper action to create support groups of various communities which will go beyond the borders of community and caste to help every person in need.
* More infrastructre to create better hostels for students in rural and urban areas should be created.
* Independent survey should be taken up to arrive at exact numbers of Veerashaiva-Lingayat community members to be able to seek required facilities from the government, which is the right of every community.   
* Mahasabha Convention should be held once in every six years and a decision regarding the next venue should be announced on the concluding day of every convention.
* Mahasabha should make a consolidated effort to help the voiceless and homeless persons, access justice and also the facilities extended by the government.
* A sense of solidarity should now be created by attributing less importance to sub-castes and other seperating factors that will work against the community.
* Veerashaiva mutts and organisations should, in solidarity, stand in support of leaders of various political parties when they are faced with challenges.
* Extending support to all steps that are initiated by state and central governments to remove untouchability.
* Mounting pressure on the President of India to give concurrence to Anti-cow slaughter bill.

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