Engineers make good managers

Engineers make good managers


Engineers make good managers

Dear Sir,

I am doing my mechanical engineering and could not score well in my first year. I am in the third year now and I am working hard to make my aggregate at least 70% in the last four semesters. I am interested in taking up a management course like MBA after my engineering. But my friend says that it’s not a good idea as it will divert my stream from science to commerce and four years of engineering will be wasted. So he is asking me to take up MS. But I cannot handle math easily. My parents want me to take up IAS and KAS exams and find a government job. Before I decide I want to know every option I have after my engineering. I did not score well in my PU exams and I lost a year in engineering. Taking these into account, I don’t know whether I will get a seat in any good institution.


Dear Pradeep,

It is heartening to see your determination and the way you have worked beyond your setbacks. This spirit will definitely take you to success, provide you chart out your career path based on your capabilities. If you are not good in math and are not keen on pure technology, you can definitely get into management. Your engineering studies will not be wasted, as engineers often make very good managers in different fields. If you start preparing early and do well in entrance exams like CAT/MAT etc., you will be able to get into MBA in a good B-school, and make a very rewarding career.

Dear Sir,

I am doing my final year BBM. I am very fond of HR and I am keen on pursuing my further studies in this subject. What are the other options available for me other than an MBA with HR specialisation? And which are the colleges which provide these courses (preferably in South India)?


Dear Anonymous

It is good that you have narrowed down your interest to HR and have a clear focus. You can either do your masters in institutions that are reputed for their HR studies (e.g. XLRI Jamshedpur, TISS Mumbai, Symbiosis Pune, etc.) or even consider taking up a post-graduate diploma in Human Resources Management, which will focus entirely on your area of interest. Such courses are offered all over the country.

Dear Sir,

I am going to finish my tenth standard in a few days and I am interested in subjects like biology, English and geography. Please advice me on what basis I should choose my subjects in PUC. I want to know what career options are available if I choose any of the above mentioned subjects?

Ananya G

Dear Ananya,

Choose your subjects by working backwards. First fix up your long-term career goals, be sure what field you would like to be working in, and then narrow down to what degree course will take you to your goal. Then you can decide your subjects for PUC.  If you are just not able to narrow down and since you like biology, you may take up PCMB or PCBH (home science) and then decide after one year.
Dear Sir,

I want to know the various specialisations in MBA that I can do after my engineering in biotechnology. I am in my fourth semester of biotechnology engineering. As I want to do my MBA in one of the top five B-schools, could you tell me various specialisations in MBA which I can take up after my engineering in biotechnology. I have also heard that there are many new specialisations in MBA coming up. Do they need my job experience and how should I prepare myself from now on for this?


Dear Manasa,

The top five B-schools in India continue to be the IIM’s, and admission is through the CAT exam held in November every year.  They have not been offering many new specialisations.  However, if you wish to explore new specialisations, you can go to other institutes that offer management degrees/diplomas in fields such as education management, plantation management, agricultural marketing management, pharmaceutical management. Job experience is not essential, but one year of work will certainly broaden your horizons and help you take a better decision.

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