Filmi Fundas

Filmi Fundas

Teaming up with friends

ALL SET Kunal KhemuActor Kunal Khemu is ready to hit the screens again. After his superb comic act in Golmaal 3 last year, the actor is geared up for his next movie. This time around, he has teamed up with the directors of his film ‘99’ — Raj and DK — once again.

News is that the talented actor absolutely loved the script and story, as it is something very different from the kind of roles he has done in the past.

The Golmaal 3 actor is excited to work with the director-duo as he has worked with them previously and the three share a great rapport. The movie is being produced by Illuminati Films. Directors Raj and DK, who are currently awaiting the release of their movie ‘Shor In The City’, have confirmed this news.

“Yes, Kunal is doing our film. There are two leads in the film and Kunal is one of them. The rest is yet to be finalised. It is an out-of-the-box comic thriller and
something very different from ‘99’ or ‘Shor In The City’. It’s like a brand new high for us!”

Giving a message to the society

CONCERNED Seema Biswas Asks Laxmi, the famous celebrity transgender, “When we see them we are scared of them, we try avoiding them and treat them indifferently. Even in Bollywood, the hijra (transgender) community has often been portrayed either as villainous or comical brash creatures, manically clapping hands, singing in unison with brazen voices. When will we get our recognition?”

But Miraj Entertainment Ltd’s ‘Queens Destiny of Dance’, an upcoming movie, will be Bollywood's first movie to breach such stereotypical point-of-views, by portraying the lives of Indian transgenders in a dignified manner, while being realistic and honest to the facts. In fact, most of the movie’s cast includes real-life hijras, which in itself is quite a liberating act, introducing the transgender community as protagonists (for once) to Bollywood, instead of as the antagonist, or the comical filler. Recognised artists like Seema Biswas and Vineet, have given their support to bring the change, by acting in the movie. It also stars Laxmi Narayan Tripathi and introduces Archana Gupta. Speaking of her experience working with hijras, Seema Biswas says, “It has been a brilliant experience working with the whole team. They all are full of life and so pure at heart. The film is a kind of message to the society that it’s time to change; they should be accepted and not neglected because they are also humans. I hope my loving Bollywood fraternity, my respected colleagues and my audience will accept this film with an open mind and heart.” The movie is slated to release on April 29.

Getting a taste of ethics

Most people in the film industry have always known about Rajshri Productions’ work ethics and values.  But it is only when actors begin working with them that they realise what these ethics really mean. This was precisely the case with Tusshar Kapoor, the latest to join the galaxy of stars who have worked with the banner.  On the first day of the shooting of their forthcoming film, ‘Love You Mr Kalakaar’, directed by S Manasvi, Tusshar, who plays the romantic lead opposite Amrita Rao, walked in 15 minutes late.
Seeing both the producer Sooraj Barjatya, and Manasvi already present on the set with everybody else, Tusshar was a bit too conscious of his late arrival. Sooraj calmly walked up to him and said, “Whenever you are late for a shoot, it is better to apologise to everybody immediately. That helps you relax and concentrate better on your work.

Otherwise your tension hampers your performance.”  Tusshar followed his producer’s advice and soon realised its benefit too. “I was a bit tense as I was late on the very first day of the shoot. I instantly realised the significance of that advice and how being late can actually affect one’s performance. Many times, we carry these little tensions with us which do affect us adversely.”

Experimenting with hair

Singer Hilary Duff gets easily bored with her hairstyles as she doesn’t like to keep the same look for too long and is keen to experiment. The 23-year-old ‘Lizzie McGuire’ star recently went from brunette to blonde.

Talking about her new look, she said, “I was bored and wanted to dye my hair blonde and then I got scared as it tur­ned out really blonde. I haven’t been this blonde and my sister was calling me Lizzie McGuire which was so funny. I was like, ‘No please don’t call me that!’” Although she is pleased with the final result, Duff says the transformation took some time. “I was at the salon two days a week for the past two weeks and it was driving me crazy. But you know when you are just not happy, you are like, ‘I need this tweaked and fixed’, and so it was just me being mental,” she said.

Back to work

Hollywood star Nicolas Cage who was arrested on domestic abuse charges last week has returned to work on the sets of his new film ‘Medallion’. The ‘National Treasure’ star, who was taken into custody after allegedly fighting with his wife on a Louisiana street on Friday, was back on the movie set on Monday, looking remarkably relaxed.

The 47-year-old actor was even spotted smoking a cigar as he sat on a deckchair reading a script during a break in filming in New Orleans. “He is always extremely professional. He is a dedicated actor when he is at work, and I don’t think people would hire him so much if he wasn’t,” said a source.

The source added that Cage was “currently in fine shape and ready to work,” and is “very excited” about doing some action sequences later this week. And according to the unit publicist, “Shooting is going on as normal.”